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What Is Fire Island Tide Newspaper?

For the last thirty years, residents, visitors and businesses on Fire Island have relied almost exclusively on the Fire Island Tide Newspaper as their source of island-wide news, entertainment, information and gossip. Today, over 60,000 bi-weekly readers continue to rely on the Fire Island Tide Newspaper.

Fire Island is a unique summer resort area. Its magnificent natural beauty, liberal lifestyle and exciting night life exist in a protected environment, insulated from cars, sirens and crowded streets. The Fire Island Tide Newspaper understands that most people who come to Fire Island do so to escape the realities of life, and therefore does not editorialize about the world or follow its headlines. It is a publication written by Fire-Islanders for Fire-Islanders. We focus on Fire Islandís lively community life, fun filled events and activities, natural resources and history.

The Fire Island Tide Newspaper is the only water-delivered medium that reaches the entire Fire island community and is distributed at all Fire Island ferry terminals, marinas and parks. Its exclusive water-borne delivery system makes it the only publication available at high traffic locations in all the communities across the island.
The Fire Island Tide Newspaper services the Fire Island National Seashore, Fire Island Tourism Bureau, Fire Island Public Safety Council, The Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society, The Fire Island Art Council and The New York Board of Cooperative Libraries as the official Historical Publication of Record for Fire Island.


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